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A crossroads of contemporary painting, figurative and Pantheistic

"Du classique au symbolisme, Du post impressionnisme à l'art moderne, une fusion d'influences ont construit la peinture de Miguel qui ne doit rien à personne et dont le courage pictural est à saluer"
~ Paul Eric Dammé
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« Tales of asylum » Expo Paris 4e Antenne Réunion Rue du Renard ANNULEE

By on 18 octobre 2018

Exposition Nov 2018 grands formats sur la galerie de l’antenne de La Réunion à Paris ANNULEE. Nous sommes désolés pour les personnes qui attendaient. L’antenne du département La Réunion à Paris est fermée malgré la fin des travaux. En tout cas pas de date de remplacement pour cet événement prévu depuis le début de l’année. […]

Ravine Blanche

By on 4 mars 2018

Ravine Blanche Origin of religions, the polytheist cults have had an influence on the greatest marry of civilizations. They guarantee a certain balance compared to religions with a single god or prophet.These religions were built to last for the sake of balance and stagnation of humanity.The Hidou religion in Reunion is represented by a Malbar […]


By on 22 novembre 2017

A painting in painting, a more graphic work with a cover, another, of Bocklin. A vision of the beyond, of this sometimes violent path on these islands. Originality of the cut and the image in the image, especially in this vision of a last unknown border of the man. An island of the dead somewhat […]

Colonne sur Beaux arts mag.

By on 11 septembre 2017

A passage on this reference magazine is always an encouragement. Also to talk about the series of postcards of Reunion seen by the painters, a series that does not speak of all the painters of the island but that tries to unite those who inspire them. Thank you to this magazine which reaches us with […]

Painting exhibition at Soluna Kafé

By on 18 décembre 2015

A thank Jean Marc‘s « Soluna Kafe » who suggested his great walls to hang some paintings on the Flowers and landscape series in Saint Leu. See until January 9. It’s very nice at sunset with this very open to the outside bar. This 80F oil canvas was sold.